Exciting Museum Happenings


Every Saturday from 8 am to noon
Produce (when in season) and craft artisans!
Come by and enjoy some of our local flavors!
The Museum also provides a wonderful bake sale every Saturday, with the goodies baked by the Museum Volunteers. YUM
Thanks to everyone who supported the Museum Marketplace! We are working on adding more produce as people harvest. Don't give up on us! We are hoping this can be a year round market, with the opportunity for people to shop local and support local growers, who in turn will offer some great, healthy food! Also planning some clinics with professionals on gardening, organics, etc. And, fun activities for everyone. Keep coming to see what's new each week . . .

Upcoming events at the Benson Museum

March Madness

Saturday, March 29, 2014 ~ 8 am to 3 pm. Craft Vendors, along with produce vendors, will be welcome to come and set up to participate in this years’ event. We are looking forward to a repeat of last years’ fun times! 



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Don't miss the history of the San Pedro River Valley, Cochise County, and surrounding areas!


Today, visitors will find a nice variety of items ranging from metates and manos to sewing machines and a horsedrawn school bus for their viewing pleasure. Our museum is staffed by volunteers and we look forward to seeing you on your next visit to Benson.

Members of the Historical Society will be glad to help you with research in the Benson area. You can contact the museum office by phone at 520-586-3134 or via email, bensonmuseum.com.

Excellent pieces of history to enjoy
Excellent pieces of history to enjoy
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